CISCO IPF 2019. Corporate Photography and Videography.


CISCO’s annual Partner Forum is almost heading into legendary status! This is out third year covering the partner forum and our second time in Carlingford doing the photography and videography. This year we also brought back the very popular Headshot Lounge. This was where anyone could get a new headshot taken and emailed to them that day. It was an early morning start to get set up and get the establishing shots needed for the photography and videography. Then CISCO’s guests started to arrive and fill up the conference room of the Four Seasons Hotel. Engaging and networking with the exhibitors and having breakfast. Many of the exhibitors where showing off what they could do for the potential clients attending. There was also a make up artist for those wanting to spruce up before their headshot and a massage area to relax afterwards! Emer Hennessy from Google was a guest speaker and spoke to everyone about what Google’s plans are for the Cloud… particularly for here in Ireland. Ken Hughes gave a great motivational speech both intelligent and humorous followed by an exhibition by Tae Kwon Do Ireland for some defence manoeuvres. The morning was conference orientated with the afternoon in breakout areas followed in the evening by drinks and an awards ceremony. Also attending were the great organisation Bumblance who offer specialised ambulances to very sick children across the country. They were the charity attending the forum and all monies raised went to them. CISCO make an incredible effort to make this forum both memorable and engaging for everyone who attends. Taking over the town in Carlingford takes a lot of organising and the afternoon breakout sessions are just so much fun. We always love working with CISCO they know exactly what they want and as corporate photography and videography providers we always deliver. - Roger

Check out the The Highlights Film of CISCO IPF 2019