Awards Night in The Morrison Hotel Dublin


I am the photographer for lots of different types of Award ceremonies in Dublin Ireland. They are one of my favourite type of corporate photography jobs to do. This was the Phone Watch Christmas party and Internal award ceremony wrapped into one. What a great night it was! The lively crowd were up for a laugh and all the award winners were well liked and deserved winners going on the crowds reactions. The Morrison Hotel was a great location for this event right in the centre of Dublin city. Whether working with an event company or PR agency hiring a professional photographer for these kind of events is so important. It really makes your employees know that you care for them and having a professional photograph taken of them receiving an Award from your company CEO will mean an awful lot to them and show that you are committed to growing with them. This is especially true in a climate where it is increasing difficult to hold on to key employees. After all your company relies on the success and growth of your employees. Their skills and confidence should grow with your company. These photographs are also great for showing off to other employees who you feel could do better or need some encouragement to really fulfil their work productivity. Out of these awards often come employees who go on incentive programmes which are another huge thing I love to photograph. Below are some samples of the night.